Monday, April 30, 2012

boys who dance are far more likely to pass along their genes

And, speaking of blogs and such, I was recently contacted by a blogger who asked me a list of "interview" questions about writing and Young Adult literature.

I found the following question to be particularly interesting:

Why do you think there are so few male YA authors, compared to females?

Here is my theory on that:

There are fewer male YA authors because we get beaten up, taunted, and picked on constantly!

Most guys simply can't endure the torment of relentless bullying. Guys are sensitive about that kind of shit, so to protect our fragile egos, we often pursue "softer" careers which provide built-in ego strokes and no harsh societal prejudgements: Firefighter, Professional Athlete, Police Officer, Crab Fisherman.

Oh! Those guys have it easy!

I am weeping as I write this.