Tuesday, April 24, 2012

news from the stew of los angeles

I have some updates on my appearances at this June's American Library Association Annual Conference in Anaheim, California.

On Sunday morning (June 24), I will participate in YALSA's YA Authors Coffee Klatch, which is probably one of the coolest things that happens at ALA, besides maybe getting a signed ARC of Passenger.

Some people will undoubtedly do both, in which case they can face the end of days knowing there is nothing left to experience on life's satisfaction scale.

So, on Friday evening (June 22), Michael Grant, Daniel Handler, Jon Scieszka (I did not Google his name this time to see if I spelled it correctly. I am living life on the edge today, mostly because of my intensely bad mood.), Daniel Kraus, and I will be speaking at Booklist's Youth Forum on the topic of how guys don't know how to read, write, or spell Jon Scieszka's last name.

Friday evening is the Macmillan publishing party, too.

There are never enough parties at ALA.

Saturday morning (June 23), I'll be speaking to librarians at Macmillan's breakfast preview (I'll be talking about, and holding up a copy of Passenger), and then off to Macmillan booth 2534 - 2535 to sign copies of Passenger from 10:00 - 11:00 A.M.

I've got some other stuff coming up on Saturday afternoon and evening, too, which I will tell about later.

I'll try to not be so grumpy.

Then, on Tuesday morning, after the whirlwind gala that is the Printz reception the evening before, I am going to be abducting the great author A.S. King and secreting her away to el Rancho de Drew, where she and I are working on a secret project that will make heads explode.

Hallucinogenic cupcakes.

Her people are aware of this.