Monday, June 18, 2012

what you don't know


This has been a crazy day.

It started off, as most days do, with some writing followed by a seven-mile run.

Out on my run, a nice lady from this south side of the lake saw me and said this:

Oh! I am almost through reading The Marbury Lens!!! [exclamation points added, but she was very enthusiastic]

And then, she concluded with this:

What were you ON when you wrote it?

Yeah. I get that a lot.

Today's Instagram topic was Something You Don't Know About Me.

Apparently, what you do not know is what I was ON when I was writing The Marbury Lens.

But I didn't want to take a picture of that.

So I took a picture of that thing you see up there. It is a sculpture of a tuna. It is about four feet in length, and it is hanging on a wall in my kitchen. And I made it. I used to make a lot of sculptures.

Want to know what I was ON when I made it?

To be honest, you don't know very much about me at all.