Friday, June 1, 2012

blog by numbers

1. The few people whom I have deep and troubling correspondences with know this about me: I number things when I write to them. Like Mitch, the deranged psychopath from my second novel, In the Path of Falling Objects, I have a fascination with numbers. In fact, a lot of my characters happen to have fascinations with numbers and attractions to the elegant balance of math.

2. One of the Angel Potatoes from Kristen Pelfrey's class made a video trailer for my third novel, The Marbury Lens. She sent it to me. I thought it rocked, so I am attempting to post it on this blog. I don't know if it will work, because the video is Windows Media Player format.

Here is something you should know about me: I use only Macs. The newest Macs cannot play WMV files, so I had to put it onto a flash drive and go slumming on a borrowed Dell to see the video.

Attention Angel Potatoes: Most writers (and certainly all the cool ones) use Macs.

Here is the video:

3. Relentless Optimists: Don't inhale the fumes.

4. I have been Instagramming (my user name is marburyjack -- just like Twitter) since a few very cool kids taught me how to do it. Last month, I posted a photo every day. It was easy. So, I am going to post my June pictures here, and that way, at least I will force myself to not be so lazy when it comes to blogging.

4. (i) I will post ALA pictures, too.

4. (ii) I am going to visit the Angel Potatoes school next week, and may post photos of that visit, too. There ae some really great kids there.

4 (iii) Today's photo topic was "Morning." So, I went out onto the deck of my office, pointed my iPad down at the backyard just as the sun was coming up and snapped this picture. You can see one of my horses down there.