Saturday, June 16, 2012

out and about

This week, I'll be at ALA, which is one of the best book events of the year.

I'm looking forward to speaking on Friday evening on a panel of authors who all carry the XY chromosome. We'll be speaking about the tremendous burden of being writers who carry those particular chromosomes at Booklist's Youth Forum.

The event is moderated by Daniel Kraus, and the panelists are myself, Michael Grant, Jon Scieszka, and Daniel Handler.

I will be delivering death by PowerPoint.

There are two other events I have locked in for the near-future as well.

First, on July 11, I will be at the Santa Monica Public Library, conducting a workshop called Write On! A Teen Writers' Workshop from 2 - 4 p.m. This is a series of workshops for kids in grades 7 - 12 that brings authors in to work with small groups of kids who are interested in writing.

Should be terrific fun.

Then, on September 15, I'll be in Park City, Utah, presenting at the annual conference of the League of Utah Writers. Really looking forward to this one, too.

Today's topic on Instagram was Out and About. I took this photo the last time I was out and about in New York, standing in front of Simon and Schuster at Rock Center. What a cool place this is!

And, by the way, Simon and Schuster is publishing my forthcoming novel Winger. I have to say that everything they have done in the production of this very different book has been absolutely top-notch.