Saturday, June 2, 2012

off the list [the bet] [empty]

There were a couple things I left off the list yesterday, and I realized it almost as soon as I posted.

Remember THE BET? Well, the losers of our annual write-for-the-ponies competition all had to post their short stories yesterday. And they are terrific, by the way.

Catherine Ryan Hyde wrote Uncle Mo Holds a Grudge

Kimberly Pauley wrote The Flat-Tire Man

Brian Farrey wrote All of Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Well, guess what? I wrote a short story last month, too. And you can also read and download that one for free.

Just not yet.

Because it will be published on Tor's website as a lead-up to the release of Passenger and the paperback version of The Marbury Lens.

And, yes... it is about Conner (and a little about Jack), and some other people you haven't met yet (ooooh...) and, naturally, Marbury.

The other thing I wanted to mention is the start of the Saturday "Andrew Smith Read-Alongs" that is happening today over at Lady Reader's Bookstuff with the first part of my second novel, In the Path of Falling Objects.

She asks some pretty cool questions about the book, too.

And, finally, today's photo topic for Instagram is "Empty."

So I took this:

Okay, so it's kind of disturbing.

Like my books, I guess.

But it goes with In the Path of Falling Objects.

You never know what you'll get from me.