Friday, September 12, 2008

second signing

Okay. It's Friday almost-evening. I am so tired I could actually take a nap, and that's something that I never do.

And I have a book signing and reading in a couple hours. Then it's out to dinner after that.


Yesterday, the day of the radio interview, the UPS truck stopped at my house at about 5:00. I got a shipment of thirty copies of Ghost Medicine from my publisher. Nice.

When I was a kid, besides having electrical equipment that delivered painful shocks to me, we had a room in our house that was like a library. My father built bookshelves on one wall, the entire length, floor to ceiling, and every shelf was completely filled with books. I guess I never thought much about it -- how my parents were such devoted readers. We all just read in my family. And it wasn't until I was a teenager and would go over to friends' houses that I realized that around where I lived, you just didn't see houses with walls of books in them. At least, not the kids I hung out with. Eh... go figure.

So my parents had silently indoctrinated me into the cult of reading, and I joined that church willingly.