Sunday, January 25, 2009

it happened today

It happened today.

I was on my morning five-mile run. A rainbow had formed over the lake... a whole one, stretching all the way across it, east to west.

I was running along, looking up at the rainbow.

That's when I stepped in some dog poo.

yin and yang attack on the eve of Chinese New Year.

Maybe, like Troy Stotts, the main character in Ghost Medicine, I look too closely for signs in things. Just maybe.

Anyway, that first novel of mine has been nominated for an ALA Best Books for Young Adults, so I kind of stalked myself and looked at their website for the list of nominees today. Good luck to everyone on that list... I am happy to say I actually know a few of you.

And good luck to all for whatever comes out of the ALA Midwinter in Denver... we'll be hearing about it tomorrow.