Wednesday, January 28, 2009

five-minute blog


Wow. In case you haven't seen, my Balloon Animals post elicited an interesting comment:

If you are looking for cheap prescription drug pharmacy, I would recommend you... "

Hmmm... I never delete comments, but blogspamming (unless it sells my books) is kind of uncool. So... yeah... I took that one off.

It was spam, right? I mean, was he really trying to prescribe meds for me??

I just wanted to quickly send my gratitude out to Seneca Valley Intermediate High School in Harmony, PA. They have a gifted group of kids who are reading Ghost Medicine, and asked if I could provide them with some prompts for discussing and analyzing the novel.

Just wanted to let them know that I am working on it, and will send my suggestions directly to the school (with my appreciation), and post my guide as a PDF here and on the Ghost Medicine website.

So... look for that coming out in the next day or so.

Also, thanks to College of the Canyons, in Valencia, CA, where they are teaching Ghost Medicine in their freshman English class this coming semester.