Friday, January 30, 2009

book report time

Kind of a weird day, all the way around.

First off: I got an email this morning from a reader of Ghost Medicine that was, like, all kinds of awesome. She blogged a book report about it here.

That kind of stuff makes me feel so good, because I've never been a pillar of self-confidence, anyway, and I still can't believe I ended up on ALA's 2009 list among those incredibly talented authors and such great titles.

I think I'll be heading to Chicago this August. ARCs of in the path of falling objects, too.

And, as promised, we now have a teachers' discussion guide for Ghost Medicine available as a downloadable PDF on our Teachers' Page. There are currently more than a couple high schools and at least one college that are using Ghost Medicine in their classes.

Oh. I guess I'll skip the weird parts about today.


But, finally, if you liked the in the path of falling objects video trailer, just wait. There's another one on its way, even edgier, this one shot by a real, honest-to-God cinematographer who asked me if he could make it. So I gave him a really cool little script, and we'll see what he comes up with.

Can't wait.