Friday, January 23, 2009

another day at the office

Okay. So I got to go through all the final FINAL notes on our galley pages for in the path of falling objects, and it struck me how freekin' smart the editors I work with happen to be.

Looking at the back-and-forth notes posted between Liz (Editor-in-Chief) and Dave (Managing Editor), it's like, I'm thinking they're just making that stuff up... right?

So, anyway, I was thinking... like, why do they actually come down to this planet to work with such invertebrate faux-life as me? Anyway, I sent a message off to Dave thanking him for all his work (because... damn! they really looked at every black squiggly thing on the page), and Dave sent me back, like, the Holy Freekin' Grail of e-mail rants... one of the funniest things I've ever read... the Sistine Chapel of the Holy run-ons. I love it.

I have the best editors in the world. Sorry. It's true.