Tuesday, October 28, 2008

wiped out

The signing last night at the Barnes and Noble in Thousand Oaks was the best such event so far. The crowd was truly appreciative and engaged, and it was so obvious that manager Michele Kantor and her staff truly love books.

I'd like to thank Michele, as well as Rose Anne Savo, who also participated in the event, and runs a regular Monday evening class at that Barnes and Noble for a local community college. It was, as I said, the most positive in-store signing so far.

It was very gratifying to see students from several local high schools in attendance and asking such terrific questions. I met the librarian from Newbury Park High School, also, and plan on paying that school and its students a visit very soon.

After a late-night dinner, and now operating on less than four hours' sleep and ready to start working again today, I'm as wiped out as the shelves at Barnes and Noble.

Yeah... we sold all the copies of Ghost Medicine... but I understand they've been selling out there a few times in the past couple weeks.