Saturday, October 25, 2008

quick throw up

Okay. So I'm quickly throwing something up here (not that blogging actually counts as writing) just to keep the streak going.

Can you say OCD?


I spent the day at the Southern California SCBWI Writer's Day at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. And I wasn't stalked or harassed. Yay for me. And I know you will find the following statement suspicious, especially considering what a loser I am, but the day was really amazingly uplifting.

(soft music begins in the background)

No. Really, it was. From the faculty dinner where I got to sit down and talk with some amazing storytellers to the actual day where I got to hang out and listen... and then practically soil myself when it was my turn to talk, all I can say is Wow.

First of all, I got to hang out and talk with Jamie Weiss Chilton, who is an agent with the same agency that reps me... and she is, like, uber-cool. And I met Dan Hanna, an illustrator who really knows how to put on a show, and Tim Egan, an author/illustrator who really can tell a story. And Patrick Collins, who works for Holt (in the same building as my publisher) gave a great presentation on cover art... so be nice to him next time you see him in the elevator Feiwel folk, because he is a really great person.

I guess I gave a good talk, because people there went out and bought my book and asked me to sign it just because of what I said. I told them my "Holy Shit" story (sorry... you know I don't cuss, but there's no way around that one), and I told them about how my wife thought I was conducting an on-line affair when I wrote Ghost Medicine because she couldn't figure out what I was doing up in my office on the computer for so many hours a day.

Like she probably thinks now.

Oh well.

I'll put more up about Writer's Day tomorrow... there are still a few things I need to say.