Friday, October 3, 2008

insect wars

Okay, I'll admit it.

The title is a tease. I mean, who wouldn't want to read about insect wars? And I have this whole blog post planned out in my head (which is how I write, anyway), but I'm not going to do it. I'm saving that one for tomorrow.

And I know this is BoNoBloMo, and we are writing about all things male... but I am going to deviate from that course for today because I'm, like, crap... I don't have enough time to loosen up and write about the very guy-ish topic I have in my head. So I'll do it tomorrow... which reminds me, Bill Konigsberg (another BoNo) is all about the BoNoBloMo, even if he is a little uncomfortable with the name. Oh well... and I have to put a comment on his blog, too.


So I was thinking today.

Yeah... call the papers.

It was a good day. Three things:

1) I decided to never refer to anyone as "Joe Six Pack" ever again.

Oops... okay 4...

2) Dude... don't ever rip off a baseball quote. Ever (Say it ain't so, Joe).

EVER. Please... Baseball and Beer have now been... ew... soiled.

3) I know I'm going to wreck it, but... Hell yeah! Dodgers, baby.

4) I got the nicest message today from the managing editor about my next year's book release, in the path of falling objects: just a quick note to tell you that FALLING OBJECTS just hit my desk, and ... ye gods, i couldn't tear my eyes away from it to do what i need to do w/ it. keep up the damn fine work. i believe! your managing editor

I mean... HELL yeah! (again). That made my day. I can never tell. 'Cause, to me... this book has what every guy wants to read about: a psycho murderer, two brothers who fall in love with the same dangerous and beautiful girl, and a road trip from hell that you don't want to end. And that's the kind of stuff BoNoBloMo is made of.

Yeah. It was a good day.


(Oh... thank you, Dave!)