Thursday, October 30, 2008

live from an attic in texas

Well, here we are with only one more day left in BoNoBloMo. This means I've been blogging every day without missing one for over two months.

I realize that it got easier as time went on. Not that I am ever at a loss for something to say, anyway.

So... that picture? It was taken last night in an attic in Texas. Pretty creepy, huh? Well, very many years ago, when I was young and reckless, I shared a backseat with that guy driving up through Mexico with two of my best friends, Mike and Steve. I don't know how I got stuck in the back... but Mike was driving, and Steve is taller than me. So... yeah.

Talk about a crazy boy story. I better not tell it on a blog, though... I think Mike and Steve's wives still like and respect them. Or something.

Anyway, the guy in the picture and the whole road trip from Mexico kind of got woven in the story of my next novel, in the path of falling objects. Yesterday, I got the final, galley-ready pages to look over some very minor copy edits. There is something that's really cool about seeing the copyright page in your yet-to-be-released work that says "copyright 2009 by Andrew Smith," has the short Library of Congress summary, and gives an all-new ISBN number.

I know.

I'm a geek.

But I am agonizing... I know this is not at all hard to believe considering the magnitude of my self-contempt, over ONE WORD. That's it. Just one word that I can't make a decision on. I mean, I can see both sides... to change or not to change.


I am such a loser.

And I'm not going to say what the word is, either. But somehow I will have to come to that decision and be okay with it within the next couple days.

Maybe I should make a tequila-based determination. Just like the three of us did all those years ago when God only knows how we made it back out of Mexico.