Thursday, August 5, 2010

your big day

How's your day?

Are you having a "bad" day?

Maybe your sewer line started backing up into your house while you were taking a shower, and you thought to yourself, hmmm.... I wonder what I am standing in? I don't remember eating corn.

Maybe you called a plumber. Maybe he showed up late and went to sleep in his truck on the side of your house. Maybe he peed there because he knew your toilets do not function.

Maybe the neighborhood kids spray painted their "tag" on your cinderblock wall. Maybe they'll write something indecipherable, like "COTER" or "DRAY." Maybe you'll step on a hypodermic needle when you go outside barefoot swinging your replica samurai sword at them to shoo them off.

Maybe your cable will go out.

Maybe someone will steal your identity and you'll have to begin your life over, and you'll think about sewer lines and meth heads and how you missed DVRing a pivotal episode of a television program that makes you feel alive.

Maybe you're having a "good" day.