Friday, August 20, 2010

someday soon

Three days before The Marbury Lens comes out, I'll be honored to attend the Southern California Children's Literature Council Awards at the Skirball Center here in Los Angeles.

The event will be entirely in 3D.

You can see a list of honorees by going to the Children's Literature Council website.

It's quite nice to have In the Path of Falling Objects recognized in such a way.

It seems like so long ago when I wrote that book. Sometimes, I'll look back at things I've written in the past, and it's almost like I'm listening to someone else entirely. Maybe this is primarily responsible for my feeling schizophrenic at times: all my books are so different in content and voice, it's like I don't even know the person who wrote them after I put them aside.

Maybe not so much with The Marbury Lens, even though I wrote a book after it, called Stick, which will be coming out next year. Seems like I have every sentence of every page of The Marbury Lens permanently memorized. I don't know... you'll see. It's a very 3D kind of book.

Oh... and they definitely picked the right actor to do the audio version of it.

I will probably, actually, listen to it.