Tuesday, November 3, 2009

head popping

There is a term in writing, often used as criticism, called "head popping." It refers to passages that are written where the point of view keeps popping from one character to another. Obviously, this is particularly bad writing if the author doesn't realize it, if it's unintentional.

Of course, this is intentional and necessary in my novel in the path of falling objects, and the POV shifts are completely obvious because other elements such as voice and tense change as well.

So let me tell you what's making me crazy right now: it's happening to me. Popping head syndrome. Here's the lowdown... we are currently finishing the final manuscript of The Marbury Lens, but I have a few pages of work to insert into the final copy this week.

Normally, that would be no problem, but I am also totally wrapped up in writing this other novel at the same time. Since my books are so intensely personal and character-driven, the head popping that's going on between Jack, the brooding, self-destructive, and wounded protagonist of The Marbury Lens (who I totally love, by the way) and the more innocent and wonder-struck protagonist of the novel that is currently taking over my life (and head) (and, by the way, I will not talk about the title or any of the elements of this book yet) is totally, totally, totally making me lose sleep and go completely insane.

And the only way I can keep both of these voices alive is to work constantly and try to shake my head empty every time I jump the track from one ride to the other.

In the end, I will win.

I swear I will update the Ghost Medicine Website with new schedule information and pictures this weekend, after this head condition clears up.