Monday, December 1, 2008

i am shrinking


I have a few random thoughts to kick off the month of December. Horrible things, really. But I realized today that our next president is (and let me emphasize just barely) younger than I am. So, I'm like... WTF? How can that happen? I mean, I can remember going through the oh-that-pro-athlete-is-younger-than-me realizations through all the various sports. Now I don't think there is a single pro athlete who isn't younger than I am... well, except for the PGA Senior tour, I guess, where everyone -- thankfully -- is still older.

But golfs better.

Man... I now realize, too, that I elevate sucking at golf to almost religious proportions.

Hmmm... I guess this is not one of those great-for-Smith's-self-esteem days.

Because the other day I was with some family members, and one of them looked at my 14-year-old-son and said something like, "Hey! You're actually taller than your ancient, older-than-the-president-and-any-pro-athlete-on the planet Dad, who, by the way is a terrible golfer!"

Well... okay, I embellished it a little. And yes, when it comes to my life, I am a highly unreliable narrator.

But my son, ever the diplomat (where the hell did he get that from???), said, "It's just because of my shoes."

I wasn't barefoot. Fourteen-year-old yeti-boy is actually taller than his father.

Yeah, world... just keep piling it on.