Thursday, December 4, 2008

seeing the pages

Well, I purposely held off on my routine-of-late, posting on the blog at around 3:30 a.m., because I've been waiting for the delivery of the unbound galley pages for in the path of falling objects.

If I've timed it right, any minute now the dogs will begin barking (for some reason they loathe the delivery man), and I'll be able to have that first glimpse of what the book will actually look like when it comes out in 2009.

The galley pages are the unbound layout for the book, typeset and designed exactly like the final product... so they're a beautiful sight. Well... at least they are to me.

For a writer and his editor, this is one of the last chances to catch any errors (weird ones seem to pop up at this stage), or make any changes before the paper-bound ARCs (Advance Review Copies) come out in a few months. And those mark the last time changes and corrections can be made.

Come on dogs. Bark.

40 minutes later... Still no delivery. But delivery dude has come as late as about 50 minutes from now, and being such a remote a location as where I live, he could be hunkering down like the Donner Party, stranded on the mountain, wondering why he didn't pick up a snack-sized hitchhiker when he had the chance closer to L.A.

Well... I'm going to go ahead and post. I'll let you know what the pages look like tomorrow. If you want to read little snippets, just go to the in the path of falling objects website.