Friday, December 19, 2008

finally home

Okay. I will say, first off, that I am so grateful to be back home. I had been snowed out for two days, and this was really stressful and frustrating for me because, well, I like being home.

So I have to make up now for two days of missed posting, and missed expressions of gratitude. So here goes:

Well, on day one of my ordeal when my son and I were caught in the lowlands and my wife and daughter were up at the house, getting hammered by about 3 feet of snow, I decided we'd spend the night in a hotel. The roads were shut down, anyway, and where I live is so remote and un-commuterized that they just don't often bother to plow the roads.

Note: While the following events took place, my son was happily enjoying the plasma TV and Room Service menu upstairs. No worries.

So I am very grateful that some of my best friends: John, Dave, Casey, and Brian (who live down below) came out and met me at the hotel bar, where we all decided to try our best to run up the biggest bar tab I've ever picked up. I'm pretty sure we did, too. Then Brian, Casey, and I walked to yet another bar, where we got pretty silly... well, I did, at least.

Vague recollection of tattoos... but I don't know what that means.

Anyway, grateful for my buddies. I had a blast.

The next day I spent a good deal of the morning looking for my head. I was certain it had somehow become detached. I am grateful it, in fact, was not.

When we tried to drive home, our little winding mountain road was still closed. But, I am exceedingly grateful for the sympathetic Highway Patrol Officer who allowed me to drive beyond the ROAD CLOSED barrier (since I have 4WD) and just cautioned me to "be careful."

So, yeah... I finally made it back home. And I am never doing that again.

The driving out in a snowstorm thing, I mean.

(Days 10, 11, and 12)