Monday, December 15, 2008

on cake and horses


I have a lot to be grateful for today, on day 8 of The Gratitude Experiment.

I woke up this morning very early, as always, because that's when I write and go running and stuff like that. This morning, I saw that it was snowing like crazy.

Normally, I'd like that, because it would mean staying at home by the fire and watching it come down all day long. But not today. Now, I have a responsible teenager living with me.

Could anything possibly be more revolting?

He insisted I drive him the 26 miles down the mountain to his high school because he was doing an important Physics experiment.

Oooh... save the world, Einstein.

(Side note: in light of a recent post of mine complaining on the over-emphasis of math and science at the expense of creative writing and the arts, let me clarify that my son is quite a talented writer, even if he does like physics, a subject for which I have absolutely no tolerance or patience.)

So, driving him down was like the freekin' Donner Party. I even magnanimously offered that if I died first, he had my permission to eat me.

Okay. I know I'm getting a little worked up. So I would like to express how grateful I am for:

1) Four-wheel-drive

2) My responsible son's dedication to his schoolwork.

I do have pretty great kids. But I didn't even get to write about the cake and horses.

Maybe tomorrow.

Day 8