Saturday, December 20, 2008

the headless snowman

No, this is not a wintertime horror story. Yesterday, before dinner (supper, as they say in some parts of the country), my little girl went out back to build a snowman.

She's very creative, into crafts, painting, sculpture, and such, but yesterday she took on the challenge of actually creating a man. I was pretty surprised, too, at the size and detail of her finished product.

During the night, his head fell off.

I had to explain to her that sometimes these things just happen naturally (not like what happened to my head the other night). Well, she took it in stride and is currently outside making a new head for her man.

Today, I'd like to say how grateful I am for books. I am on my third book (reading... I don't write that fast. Yet.) this week. The first book I read was great... probably one of the best books I have ever read. Top five, at least. The second book was terrible. In fact, I can't believe I finished reading it because I really didn't like the protagonist (and I know it wasn't the writer's intention to elicit such a response from a reader), and the ending was a complete letdown. I mean, nothing changed at all from the first page to the last. Usually, I won't finish reading a book like that, but since I was stranded, I had no access to my "to be read" stack. Ugh. I will not recommend it to anyone, and am going to bury it at the bottom of a desk drawer or a box or something.

The third book, the one I am reading at the moment, seems to be very good. Not one I'll toss out, to be sure.

I almost never rate or review books online. Sometimes, I feel like writers don't have any business giving public reviews of books. But I will sometimes mention another writer's work if I am totally blown away by it, or if I think it has an important contribution to offer its audience.

So I will say I'm looking forward to reading a couple books that are due out this spring: Killer Pizza, by my friend, Greg Taylor (it sounds really cool), and The Heights by Brian James, because I am very intrigued by the summary blurb I read about it.

Anyway, I am grateful for books... past, present, and those future ones that keep you looking forward to the next season.

Day 13.