Sunday, December 7, 2008

now get to work

I went out of my way to make sure nobody could ruin my day today.

I stayed inside and sealed the door with duct tape.

That's not crazy, is it?

Well, after yesterday's debacle when my day was entirely ruined, it's not that crazy. I guess in some ways, I'm kind of conservative. I like things to go as planned, to be predictable, because I'm always considering the opportunity costs of what is expected of me... what I'm giving up to fulfill some task that people are counting on me to complete in a competent manner. In yesterday's case, I could have been doing something much more productive than what ended up transpiring. Like working.

So I spent much of today looking through the galley pages from in the path of falling objects, and I have, so far, found them to be much cleaner than the galley pages were for Ghost Medicine.

But I'm not more than 100 pages in, and there may be some surprises. Who knows?

That's it for today. I still kind of have a headache from yesterday.