Saturday, December 13, 2008

letter from congress

I got a letter from a member of Congress the other day.

It wasn't irate or anything... and it was hand-signed, a rarity in this day of pre-stamped stationary.

Yeah... I'm a sucker for stuff like this. And it's not like I could vote for this particular House member, either, because I live in his neighboring District. But... I will admit, honestly, that when I did live in his district, and despite his being from "the other party," I voted for him in the past.

Anyway, the letter was a congratulations for Ghost Medicine, and also a very nice comment about my setting an example for kids and the community.


And so, while I'm on the subject of appreciation and gratitude, let me continue with my Day 6 of The Gratitude Experiment. I am so incredibly grateful for all the people I've never met who somehow managed to find my book and read it. I know I'm not in the same category of visibility of some YA authors, and being a debut novelist (particularly right now) is especially hard, but every couple of days it seems I find reviews or get email from people all over the country who have read -- and like -- Ghost Medicine.

That's something that I never considered in all the years I spent writing stories... that I could actually make a connection to people whom I'd never even seen. Part of that, I guess, is because I never considered even jokingly attempting to get any of my fiction published. It was too personal and put me at too great a risk. So, being the spineless, noodle-backed coward that I am, I never gave the publishing thing a shot until I'd finished Ghost Medicine, and even then, I didn't take myself very seriously.

I must have been drunk or something.

I mean... what was I thinking???

Oh well... I never quit once I start something. So now I'm stuck with this gig and it's stuck with me. But thanks, all you people... all over the place.

Day 6