Wednesday, December 10, 2008

december tenth


December tenth, a very significant day in my life that I just can't forget about.

So I may as well just start off with the gratitude experiment, day three:

First of all, there are so many individual people I am grateful for that if I listed them all individually and told why, it would take more than 30 entries. But I do plan on listing a few of those people throughout this month-long experiment.

But today I just wanted to say how grateful I am for my fireplace, especially at this time of year when it gets painfully cold up in the mountains. I know it may not be green, but the only way we heat our home in wintertime here is with our wood stove. It's enormous, and we like to leave the door open when it's burning.

Yeah... we do have central heating and central air conditioning, too... but we have NEVER used them in the twelve years that I've owned this house. So, at this point, I'd be scared to try, anyway... and I didn't choose to live somewhere that's 20 miles from the nearest grocery store or traffic light so that I could run an air conditioner and watch satellite TV (you know I don't watch TV, anyway).

I am also grateful for coffee. Black only. Very strong.

I am not at all grateful for those free coffee makers they put in hotel rooms when I travel... you know, those ones that have a floppy-disk complimentary coffee bag? They are consistently horrible, yet every time I travel I always succumb to the temptation -- the self-delusion -- that they may actually make real coffee.

But they don't.


So that's all I want to talk about today. I'm going to do a little work now.