Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rabbit, Writer

It has actually been more than a year since I've blogged.

Don't worry, absolutely nothing has happened to me since 2013.

Usually, when my golf buddy Amy and I write to each other, we write in lists. I am going to write a list for you today:

1. I recently signed a two-book deal with my editor and publisher, Julie Strauss-Gabel at Dutton (and also with Egmont UK), so I am currently writing another book. I made a word cloud from the book, and the photo above is what was generated. Have fun trying to figure out what all that means.

2. Last night, I ate Chinese food. It was good.

3. I am getting a new puppy. When I post pictures of it, I'm certain it will break the internet.

4. Julia Bishop, Emily Lohman, Aunt Dahlia, Luz Benavidez, Annie Altman, and so on.

5. I made it to #5, Amy.

6. I am writing a graphic novel. Don't try to stop me.

7. When I was on tour this month, a fifteen-year-old boy who waited at the very end of my book-signing line told me something that made my life. He said this: he wanted me to know how much he loved Grasshopper Jungle. He told me that reading Grasshopper Jungle gave him the courage to come out to his friends and family. I grabbed that kid's hand and told him how awesome he was. I wish I could fold that kid up and carry him around in my pocket forever, and take him out to remind myself from time to time why I write books.

8. See #3. Prepare to be broken. Seriously. It's a puppy.

8.5. I'm super proud of my daughter. She got accepted to her number-one university of preference, and she also got a ton of scholarship money. She also had Chinese food last night.

9. I promise not to be gone from this blog until 2017, but, as Max says, "You never know."

10. Reminder to self to look at #7 from time to time, since folding up a kid and carrying him around in your pocket is probably cruel.