Friday, April 3, 2015

in which i break the internet, as promised

Are you a writer?

Do you write?

Do you write "YA"?

Are your characters "teens"?

Do they "Pinterest" with each other in your "YA novel" about "teens"?

Do you ever use the expression "WIP"?

Do you have a blog?

Do you worry about relevant hashtags?

Have you ever "begged to differ"?

Are you afraid of your neighbors?

Do you think they have conversations about why you never come outside of your home?

Do you think they stop the garbage collector and ask him if he's ever seen you?

Are you concerned they might look through your garbage and criticize the quality of your diet?

Do you think one of your neighbors might collect a sample of your DNA from your garbage, just in case?

You know, just in case they "need it"?

They hate you, don't they?

Have you changed your WiFi password today?

Did you check to be sure you didn't leave the back door unlocked?

Did you just check it again, even though you knew you already checked it three times this morning?

Did you leave the stove on?

Did you?