Friday, May 17, 2013

the shirt off my back


So Winger has been out for a few days now. Judging by the reaction on the internet, people are really liking it.

The very cool thing is that people have been sending me pictures of Winger on bookshelves all over the country. I love seeing them.

Here's one from Minnesota:

And Oregon:

And Idaho:

There are a few more, too. I hope people keep sending them to me.

In fact, to encourage people to do just that, I am willing to do a giveaway contest. Everyone who sends me a picture of Winger on the shelf of their bookstore of choice (and let me know where it is), I'll enter into a drawing.

Here's what the winner will get:

A signed copy of the book.

AND a rugby jersey. Not just any rugby jersey, though. I'll give the winner an actual rugby jersey that was actually worn in a game by one of the kids I coach (I promise it's clean... more or less).

See, an awful lot of the stuff that happens in Winger really happened in real life. And the descriptions of the team colors and everything else about the Pine Mountain Rugby Football Club (Ryan Dean's school team) are very, very similar to the high school team I coached over the years.

I should even be able to let the winner pick the number of a character from the book.

Ryan Dean West wore number 11. Joey would be 10. Seanie is 9. The brooding and angry JP would be 15. Kevin is 4. Chas is 5. and Mike ("Bags") is 16.

Numbers are very specific to position in rugby.

OR the winner can pick a size (these are adult size jerseys), and I'll get the right size without a guarantee of the position, since usually forward numbers (1 thru 8) are bigger-sized players than backs (9 and up). You'd just have to let me know.

I'll pick a winner on June 1, 2013 -- so get out to your bookstore and take a picture.

You can notify me or upload your picture on Twitter, Facebook, or send me an email.