Saturday, May 4, 2013

comic/book day

May 4 is comic book day this year.

Winger also happens to be a book narrated by a kid who likes to draw comics, so he includes some comics in the middle of his story.

With that, here's your daily tease.

And just when I thought this week could not possibly get any better, some of the most awesome stuff happened on Friday.


--By the way, to quote my alter ego Ryan Dean West, these are all five-out-of-five-tiny-baby-hedgehogs on the Ryan Dean West Things I Never Want to Stop Looking at Scale.

Amazon picked Winger as one of its Best Books for May 2013.

The amazing Lauren at the amazing Changing Hands Bookstore listed Winger on her Lauren's Picks.

Yesterday, in a totally wonderful and eclectic list, Publishers Weekly picked Winger as one of its Top-Ten Best Summer Books for 2013.

But... in a most difficult-to-wrap-my-head-around development, A.J. Jacobs wrote a FULL REVIEW of Winger which will run in the May 12 edition of the New York Times Book Review Section. I read it, and it is... wow. The Review is called Uneven Field, and in it, Jacobs writes:

The most successful young adult novels always feature losers, or at least outcasts. This is because the teenage years' built-in insecurity means every high schooler feels like a loser or outcast, even the seemingly well-adjusted ones... The trick is to make the loser appealing and not just a pitiable drip. This "Winger" does.