Wednesday, August 22, 2012

passengers coming

I found out this week that Advance Copies of Winger are due in to Simon and Schuster this coming week. That's very exciting, and it means that I may very soon be able to reveal the awesome jacket design for this novel.

I don't know when exactly Simon and Schuster will begin making the ARCs available, but I'm pretty sure I'll post pictures of mine when I receive them.

Yesterday, I got a message from Sam Bosma, the artist who did the amazing illustrations and comic panels for the book. He told me that Winger is his first book, which, I suppose, makes it a debut of sorts. He also told me how much he enjoyed working on the artwork and that he hopes the book sells a million copies.



I told him I hoped we'd be able to work together again. It is a book that could conceivably have a sequel, since it takes place in grade eleven. Hmmm...

I also told him I hoped the book got picked up for film, and then maybe he could do animated segments of the stuff that pops out of Ryan Dean West's head, and that maybe we'd get to speak together at some upcoming book conference.

Conference people, take note.

And speaking of that, the Passenger - slash - Winger tour is shaping up quite nicely. I'll be in Park City, Utah September 14 - 16, Saint Louis November 3 - 6, then Back to the Miami Book Festival International November 14 - 18, and then Fort Worth Texas for the Texas Library Association April 24 - 26.

I'm sure more stops will be popping up soon.