Monday, June 30, 2008


I am back from a terrific 3-day weekend at the American Library Association annual conference.

Here's what I got to do:

  • Sign hundreds of Advance Reader Copies of Ghost Medicine.
  • Meet and hang with some of my favorite author heroes.
  • Witness a full-scale pillow fight.
  • Spend some quality time with my editor and talk about 2009's release of in the path of falling objects, which I am told is pretty scary (and I'm happy to hear that, since I wrote it, and created an ultra-creepy character for the story).
  • Got to meet a terrific lady, one of my "first fans," editorial assistant Allison Remcheck.
  • Meet hundreds of people from all over the country who are reading Ghost Medicine.
  • Actually be asked by several people if they could have their picture taken with me (ugh).
  • Got to meet, and sign a book for, another Andrew Smith. It was like getting sucked through a wormhole into an alternate universe, and I was afraid we'd end up on opposite sides of the signing table. Go figure... there is actually more than one "Andrew Smith."

It was a great weekend, and I look forward to doing it again (and bigger) next year.