Monday, November 17, 2008

irregular maintenance

Okay. I know I'm high-maintenance. And I know I'm a basket case, too. At least I did get to read a bit today (I'm in a good part of the book I am currently reading).

Welcome to today. Especially crappy.

I started off this month writing a little bit about New Authors' Moments of Panic (NAMOP), and I thought of one that particularly afflicts obsessive losers like me.

When I send emails, I usually re-read them several times before actually hitting the send button.

Spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors make me crazy. Well... crazier than I am, that is.

Then... if I go back to my Sent folder and look at the email I just sent moments ago (like... let's say to my editor), I'll see, of course, a freekin spelling error. And, of course, me being the obsessive loser that I am, I start panicking... like my editor will think I am a complete moron who doesn't know how to spell. So I send a random, one-lined email to my editor that says something like:

... I purposely meant to misspell the word "Ohio" as "Penis." Ha ha ha... isn't that funny?

And then, my editor, or the other career-breaking person I just sent this correction email to becomes convinced that I am, indeed, a panicky, high-maintenance, obsessive, perverted, moron who can't spell.

Oh. And not only that... then, I'll go back to my Sent folder and see that I have accidentally CC'd everyone in my address book that same correction email.

Yeah. I'm a loser.