Tuesday, July 23, 2013

changes coming

So, between now and February 20, 2014, which is when Grasshopper Jungle will be released, there will be lots of great stuff happening.

Like lots of touring and stuff (which you can see on the Author Appearances tab above).

And my WEBSITE has totally changed, too. Everything.

If you go to the old ghostmedicine.com website, you will be pointed toward the new one. It's much better; a needed change.

But this blog will stay put, although it will undergo some cosmetic and structural changes this week, too. For one thing, I have a pending post about why it is impossible to teach people how to write (and I am a teacher... been one for decades). I don't mean like write a noun-plus-verb sentence. I mean the other thing.

You know.

And if I forgot to mention it here (I think I did), Grasshopper Jungle is going to be translated into foreign languages. First up: Portuguese. Grasshopper Jungle will be coming out in Brazil, which is a tremendous reading country. There will be more to come, too...