Friday, October 8, 2010

twelve-hour coma

Don't you hate it when people tell you they have some really exciting news, but they're not allowed to tell you what it is?

So do I.

Next week, I am happy to be participating in an online class discussion with a group of MFA students at Western Connecticut University. This will be really cool, and I'm certain the students are going to be wayyyyy smarter than me.

By the way... Students of Western Connecticut University: I am a writer, not a typist. This is perhaps the singular reason why I do not participate in chats, twitchats, whatever those things are -- I obsess over words on screens, punctuation, and such.... and this makes me agonizingly slow in doing these things.

Just saying.

I suppose they're all going to think I'm drunk or on heroin.


It's also why I don't text message. Well, if I do, I'm the guy who actually spells out EVERYTHING, uses upper- and lower-case letters and... yes, punctuates, too (but I don't think I've ever used an exclamation point in a text message).

I mean, what's the point in using an exclamation point in a text? Text has to be the least-emotional form of communication on the planet.

Mr. Spock would probably be a good texter.

WTF, Captain Kirk? :/


See? That does nothing for me.

I also never use emoticons.

So Western Conn, prepare yourselves.