Monday, October 18, 2010

cherry chapstick

I am tired.

I have been working too much and I am still not finished.

I am not one of those people who posts things about the title and plot details of something, or the three or four things, I am working on. The only times I have ever done that is once the thing in question is set to be published.

So even my wife and kids don't know anything about what I do.

In fact, the only time they ever read anything of mine is after it's been actually published.

Most writers I know think that's crazy.

Oh well.

You know what I think is crazy?


I can say this because I am reasonably confident that my daughter does not read my blog, but she is a chronic sleep-denier.

If I ever wake her up and say something like, "honey, you were asleep," or, "did you have a nice nap?" you know what she says?

"I was never asleep."

Every time.

She has this major problem with being okay with sleeping.

Not me.

Ask me if I was asleep.

I'll tell the truth.