Saturday, August 8, 2009

oh canada

Well, the comments from readers show that most people, as I suspect, are smarter than I am. So, since it's Saturday (I think), I decided to post some pictures from Canada that my kids and I took over the last couple of days.

We've been staying in Banff. When we got here, it was gray and rainy, but quickly cleared up and every day has been like a postcard.

We've been hiking quite a bit. On our first outing, we ran into this woodland creature. It was bigger than a car.

My friend, Yvonne, says that the scenery here is like "Heidi on steroids." Pretty much sums it up.

Yesterday, we went up through Johnston Canyon. Here is just one of the waterfalls there.

We hiked about four miles in to some strangely-colored and bubbling pools called The Inkpots. Very secluded and quiet. One of the most unique things I've ever seen.