Monday, September 14, 2009

my favorite punctuation mark

This post contains many zen-like concepts.

Most of you know how I feel about exclamation points. Call me narrow-minded, but men should never use exclamation points unless they are imprisoned by quotation marks. And then, they should stand alone: embarrassing flags of surrender to emotional diarrhea.

I have finally settled on a favorite all-time punctuation mark: the colon.

Sure... one would think, by mere count alone, that I have some fond affinity for the lack of commitment so temptingly offered by the semicolon; if nothing else, simply by its recurring appearance in my novels. And, yes... I improperly play around with the flirtatious ellipsis... especially here on the blog (which I insist, parenthetically, is not writing).

...which reminds me about what Mark Twain said about parenthetical phrases.

But I digress.

The em-dash, too, holds a special place -- if there could be one -- in my heart.

But I hate, hate, hate exclamation points.

And periods? Well... they're just part of the circle of life. I'm afraid to talk about periods. What man isn't?

But, the noble colon... that is my favorite: the king of all punctuation marks.

I have nothing but endless respect for writers who cleverly make use of their colons. In fact, I am convinced that I recently read an entire book -- yes, cover-to-cover, despite my intense desire to throw the excreta across the room -- that must have been entirely produced through the author's use of his colon.

Man! I need sleep!!!

(see what I mean?)

sorry, Twain.