Sunday, September 6, 2009

the monkeys are running the zoo

So, finally... I guess if the whole evolution thing erupted right now, John Scopes would be lynched, in science and history classes, we'd be teaching our kids how the earth is only five thousand years old, and we'd be sending our boys off to fight in a crusade.

oh... wait...

Never mind.

I just wanted to thank author Cecil Castellucci, the Los Angeles Public Library, and YALSA for organizing a most spectacular city-wide event as Los Angeles celebrates Teen Read Week, October 19 - 23.

I'll be reading from in the path of falling objects at the Los Feliz Branch (time TBA) on October 20, along with author Cylin Busby. I'll also be giving out some signed books and audiobooks and other cool stuff -- like tee shirts -- for the kids (and, of course, for the awesome YA librarians who work to put this together).

Cecil, who organizes our LAYA (Los Angeles YA) group, says that Los Angeles Public Library is really behind this event, so there will be a lot of promotion for it city-wide. For writers, it's also our chance to give back to the community, maybe inspire a few (hundred) kids, and help the LAPL begin to really key in on all the excited focus on YA literature that has been sweeping the country.