Thursday, August 23, 2012

another date for jack

In 39 days, as you probably have noticed by the counter on the right, Passenger will be coming out.

Just two days before that, on September 30, I will be speaking and signing at the Orange County Children's Book Festival. I'll be on the YA stage at 1:45, and will probably be reading a bit from Passenger, and talking about the Marbury series, even though Passenger unfortunately won't be out for two more days.

So, since I'll likely have an ARC or two of Winger in hand, I'll probably read from and talk about the process that went into making that book, too.

Afterward, I'll be signing books at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore booth. Fortunately, they will have nice, shiny new copies of the newly released paperback version of The Marbury Lens.