Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the pulse-o-matic

Last year, in 2011, I sold three books for publication.

Nothing ever seems really good enough for me, but then again I was a middle child.

This year, I will sell some books, too.

I only mention that because the books I sold last year are already written.


That's why I can put quotes from them on my website.

I've said it before: I don't see how writers can pitch an idea about something they intend to write, but haven't yet written.

I mean... I would give it a shot, but the pressure must be pure hell.

It would be like pooping on command.

With an audience.

"You! Poop now!"

Even if I had a gun to my head, I don't think I could break routine.

Am I finished talking about pooping?

Yes. Yes, I am.


Matthew MacNish said...

That would be like being Ingrid, the poor thing.

Kristen Pelfrey said...

There are so many things to say here.

Adam Russell Stephens said...

I like the quotes from your website! Also, I love the concept of WINGER, in particular reference to the best friend. It made me smile. :)

A.S. King said...

I used to feel the exact same way about selling unfinished books. I am a former chicken farmer. It's like counting on eggs to hatch into perfect chickens. Seemed risky, at best.
Then I did it. And the book tried to kill me.
Now I think I could do it again if I had to. I'd just do it differently.

Shaun Hutchinson said...

I am doing it now, and I will never, ever do it again.

The problem, for me, with selling concepts is that concepts evolve. Sometimes only a little bit, but sometimes so much that the finished book looks very little like the original idea.

Angela Brown said...

Middle child, huh? Thought I was the only one who dealing with that non-issue.

Michael Grant said...

I think I've only ever sold one book that was actually written: GONE. Everything else has been on concept or else was a sequel. It can make one tense. But I find the heroin takes the edge off.

Andrew Smith said...

Just so you know, Michael: I quote you on tomorrow's blog post. Not about heroin, though. Too bourgeoisie.

Also, this has to be the coolest blog ever. Just look at those amazing authors who commented on it.

Don't tell anyone, though. The minute people start thinking this is cool and shit like that, it will entirely lose its hipsterness.

Matthew MacNish said...

Heroin? Bourgeoisie? Not the black tar. Even the China White is too hard for the lame and famous to figure how much to do.

Not that I know.

Seriously though? The underground revolutionary aspect of your blog is the thing I love most about it.

Where else does a bestselling, award winning author get to say whatever he damn well pleases, and only people who actually get it come around?

I think you need to make this blog members only, like Eden. Or invite only, like the yurt.

Lisa Yee said...

Poop. On command. Then that would be me, I guess. I've never sold a book that I've already written.