Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Fear the corn.

What you have here is the first official Grasshopper Jungle T shirt.

You want one.

Well, at least I can show you that. As much as this assures my candidacy for a black belt in douche-ido, I am going to say that yesterday I got my hands on the actual cover for Grasshopper Jungle, but I can't show it to you yet.

It is amazing. My book covers just keep getting better and better, and this one, minimalist and creepy, is just so freaking perfect. And like the slogan on the OFFICIAL T SHIRT, you kind of have to read the book to know what the cover is all about.

But there is corn in the book.

Unstoppable Corn.

On Monday, good things happened for my soon-to-be-released Winger. It received a starred review in Publishers Weekly. And yesterday, it was selected by the Junior Library Guild as a Summer 2013 pick, which is unbelievably huge. Thanks JLG!

Also, today is World Read Aloud Day 2013. I have 200 kids who will get some audible treats that nobody has heard yet: Winger and Grasshopper Jungle.

If you come over, I'll read to you, too.