Thursday, October 25, 2012

the planet of humans and dogs

I know.

I've been invisible.

In fact, the other day my editor Liz Szabla (chimes!) sent me an email asking if I'd gone completely off the grid. Well, the grid is an awfully sticky thing to get away from, so I am trying to be back.

In fact, I have made some appearances in other places.

A few days ago, Publishers Weekly ran a very nice story about me, which you can read here.

And just today, I am honored to be interviewed on the blog of author Nova Ren Suma. We talked about things that scare me. And I am giving away an autographed copy of The Marbury Lens to one of her readers. In fact, I will add that if whomever wins the drawing already owns a copy of The Marbury Lens, I will send them an autographed copy of Passenger instead.

That's how I roll.

You can read Nova Ren Suma's interview with me here.

Ah, the grid.